Rubin Hurricane Carter's Innocence

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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16 Year old proves Rubin “Hurricane” Carters innocence.

16 year old Lesra Martin and his Canadian family proves Rubin Carter is innocent. By: Brianna Hicks, Toronto Star
Rubin “Hurricane” Carter sits in a jail cell for 20 long years.

People say Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was guilty of a triple homicide, but 16 year old Lesra Martin changed Rubin’s life forever. In 1966, in Paterson, New Jersey, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was arrested for a triple homicide that he may or may not have committed. Lesra Martin a 16 year old boy from Bushwick, New York was living with his Canadian family in Toronto Ontario, Canada when Lesra read Rubin Carter’s story, and believed Rubin to be an innocent man.

Lesra Martin was inspired by Rubin Carter’s story, he wrote Rubin a letter saying how much it inspired him and also explained his story, even went to visit Rubin in jail. Lesra and his Canadian family found new evidence that can prove that Rubin “Hurricane” Carter is an innocent man. Lesra and the Canadians tried to get Rubin a trial date to present the new evidence, but each time was denied.

Finally Rubin Carter was put to trial, but the judge refused to look at the new evidence after 20 years, but then Rubin’s lawyer made a very good case on why the judge should look at the new evidence. They all believed, after looking at the new evidence, that Rubin “Hurricane” Carter an African American man was arrested on the account of racism. Rubin Carter was then found not guilty of the triple homicide in 1966 and was then released in 1999.

Rubin Hurricane cater has been innocent ever since he was arrested and convicted of murder. Rubin hurricane carter is a lucky man thanks to Lesra martin, a 16 year old boy from the ghetto streets of Bushwick, New York and his Canadian Family, from Toronto Ontario Canada, they found Rubin Carter an innocent man.
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