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Topics: Rape, Toronto, Sexual assault Pages: 4 (1383 words) Published: March 26, 2013
The Truth is Not Always What We Want to Hear: Did the Media Go Too Far in
Covering Russell Williams?
Kaitlyn Witmeyer
The University of Western Ontario

Society relies so vastly on media as a source of information, that in some cases there can be discrepancy on what is deemed as appropriate or not appropriate when covering a story. This is the case for the story of Russell Williams who is charged with two accounts of murder, sexual assault and countless occurrences of breaking and entering. Williams’ case has been highly covered by the media and a great magnitude of disturbing details as well as photos has been provided while documenting events. The amount of information provided to the public has caused a controversy as to what is appropriate and ethical to share in concern of the victims directly involved in the case. The information provided as well as the photos is a necessary approach in order to inform the public of the severity of the situation. There are however, certain unnecessary disturbing details that should be omitted.

Russell Willams, formally known as Colonel Russell Williams, is a powerful figure in Canada whose job consisted of commander of the forces base in Trenton. This is what makes the particular story so shocking; that a person of such power and who has respect by the country can commit such acts. It is also why the need for publicity is important. Williams murdered two females, Jessica Llyod who was 27, and Marie-France Comeau who was 37, but this was not until after his countless number of break-ins as well as the sexual assault of two separate women. Williams has a sexual fetish with female undergarments and would break into the homes of women and take pictures of himself wearing these articles as well as steal them for his own personal pleasure. This obsession is believed to what lead to the unfortunate assaults and deaths of the other women. When the story was first broadcast The Toronto Star...
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