Ramon Houser Jr.

Topics: Parent, Childbirth, English-language films Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Ramon Houser Jr. Mr. Maynard


This article is about the kidnapping of Carlina White. Carlina Renae White was born July 15, 1987 and was also known as Nejdra “Netty” Nance. Carlina White was a 23 year old US American citizen who had solved her own kidnapping case at the age of 23. This abduction was known to represent the longest known gap in a non –parental abduction where the victim was returned back to their parents. The story begins when Carlina was just 19 days old when her parents Carl Tyson and Joy white had taken Carlina to the hospital due to her having high fever on August 4, 1987. Unfortunately, they realized that Carlina had swallowed fluid during her delivery and had developed an infection. A woman had overseen Carlina while she was in the hospital however; she was not a hospital employee. This mysterious lady seemed to be normal and had then comforted the parents of Carlina three weeks before the abduction. Baby Carlina disappeared early one morning while the shifts were changing. Unfortunately, the cameras in the hospital where not operating, so the police had nothing to go on but a description from Joy and Carl. The baby was receiving antibiotics when the IV line was cut and she was abducted. One of the hospital guards said that she did recognize the same lady that Joy and Carl described; however, there was no baby with her. The police assumed that the baby could well have been hidden in her smock. This case became the first well known infant abduction from the New York hospital. The city of New York offered a $10,000 cash reward for the return of Carlina. The parents Joy and Carl quickly filed a 100 million dollar suit against the hospital in 1989, and received a 750,000 settlement in 1992. Carlina was raised by Annugetta Pettway in Bridgeport, Connecticut as Nejdra Nance. Throughout the years Carlina grew suspicious because she had no social security card and a forged birth certificate by her assumed mother Annugetta. Carlina also...
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