Topics: Qualitative research, Scientific method, Cash Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Assignment Expectations: A – C
All assignments:
* Must be in narrative form with appendices. These should be written in a businesslike manner using the role ascribed to you in the case. If no role is detailed, then assume the role of consultant. * The reports should include appendices which should be labelled clearly as to content and sequentially numbered. The pages should be numbered and the reports should be addressed to the client who has hired you. Do not address the client or any of her staff by their first names. They are not your friends – you are working for them so address them respectfully. * All pages should be numbered and your report should include a cover page which is not included in the page limit count ( nor are the appendices). The page limit for each assignment is 5 pages as is stated in the course outline. * All reports should be grammatically correct and contain no spelling errors. * Do not show your work or discuss your work with any other students. Assignment A:

* Use only those aspects of PEST and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis that relate to your business analysis. Do not attempt to bring up insignificant points simply because they enable you to fill in a letter in an acronym. Concentrate your emphasis only on those points which are important for your analysis of the company. Make sure you state why the points are important by relating their effects on the company specifically. All graphs and data analysis belong in appendices. * At least 10 research sources must be consulted. These should be appropriately referred to by website name in the graph or data section. The results of your research from these sources should be referred to in the narrative part of the case. If a source is not important enough to be referred to in the narrative then it should not be included at all. * In the narrative, paint a picture of how the micro and macroeconomic factors affect your client and where your client...
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