Template for Case Analysis Reports

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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As I repeatedly indicated, your case analysis should be done according to the section II (p. 202, edition 9) included in the textbook and entitled “Analyzing Marketing Problems and Cases.” I also provide you with the template listed below likely to help you in preparing your cases’ reports.

|Section |Contents | |Title Page |Title of case, date, team member names and student numbers. | |Table of Contents |Major sections of paper, exhibits, appendices with titles | |Executive Summary |One-to two-page summary of the analysis and recommendations. | | |State the main issues of the case omitting descriptive details. This may take the form of a problem | | |statement but it may be a statement of a marketing opportunity to which the firm may be able to | |Introduction and |react. Distinguish between the issues as seen by the “actors” in the case and additional issues | |Problem/Issue Identification |perceived by you. This section gives the case report focus. All following sections should then be | | |analyzed in terms of what it means to the problem at hand. | | |This analysis consists of analyzing the external environment of the company (competitors, social, | | |technological, regulations, etc.). The purpose is to identify the key opportunities and threats in | | |the environment. | | |They are external to a...
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