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A group consisting of four members should submit their report on industrial review.

A standardized format for the report will help students present their contributions and findings more systematically. The different items of a report are presented below:
1. Cover page
2. Introductory pages
- Acknowledgement
- Certificate
- Table of contents
- List of tables
- List of figures

3. Text
- Main Sections
- Conclusions

4. Bibliography
5. Appendices

Introductory Pages

Acknowledgements: In the process of carrying out any project, the students would have received help from different persons and organizations. So, all those helps should be acknowledged under this heading. In an academic research, a sample list of people who are to be acknowledged is as follows: • Supervisor (Industry Mentor)

• Organizational head (Industry Head)
• Members of the department who rendered their valuable suggestions and criticism during the project period • The executives in different organizations who provided data and literature for the research • Institute Mentor

Table of contents: Table of contents is the catalogue of the project report, which summarizes every aspect of the report.

List of tables and figures: In project reports, the data and results are presented in the form of tables for quick grasp. Each and every table must be numbered. The numbering should be such that it is internal to each chapter. For example, if the total number of tables in Chapter 4 is 10, then the numbering should be from Table 4.1 to Table 4.10 and similarly for figures.

Different items under 'Text' are Chapters, Main Sections and Conclusions.

Chapters: The text of the report should be divided into different chapters which are as listed below:

1. Introduction to the industry
2. Introduction to the organization under study
3. Research Methodology
4. Comparative Analysis of the organization under study
5. Findings
6. Conclusions
7. Suggestions and Recommendations

Introduction to the industry:
The chapter focuses on brief outline about the industry which includes the following aspects: -Origin/History
-Growth rate
-Industry entry and exit barriers
-Scope of industry
-Industry Profitability
-Contribution to GDP
-Government policy

Introduction to Organization: It focuses on background-history, vision and mission statements, objective, organization structure, company turnover, product line, distribution network, market share, future venture, competitors, competitive strategy, corporate strategy, recent developments and marketing mix strategy.

Methodology:This chapter focuses on the following aspects:
-objective of the study
-Data collection methods

Comparative analysis: This chapter deals with the application of SWOT,Mc Kinsey 7’s Model and Porter’s 5 force model for the analysis and making inferences.

Findings:Drawing inferences based on the comparative analysis

Conclusions: The chapter on conclusions summarizes project findings, contribution of the study, limitations of the study, and scope for the future research.

Suggestions and Recommendations: The students has to give his/her views as suggestion or recommendations to the organization based on the analysis of data collected.

A bibliography, the product of the practice of bibliography, is a systematic list of books and other works such as journal articles. Bibliographies range from "works cited" lists at the end of books and articles to complete, independent publications. As separate works, they may be in bound volumes such as those shown on the right or computerized bibliographic databases. A library catalog, while not referred to as a "bibliography," is bibliographic in nature. The references can be classified into journals, books, magazines, newspapers, research...
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