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KUC: Change and Management of Change Revision Questions
1. ‘The difference between high performing and low performing schools in Kenya’s education system is innovation’. Discuss citing relevant examples. 2. Citing curriculum development process, discuss the role of the external forces of change in influencing curriculum development and or review in Kenya. 3. Citing relevant examples, discuss the view that school conflicts and unrests are as a result of internal change forces. 4. Discuss the importance of the organizational life cycle stages to quality assurance officers in relation to the establishment of new schools through CDF. 5. Adopting the six step model, discuss how you would improve the form I selection system to satisfy the key education stakeholders in Kenya. 6. Turn around managers in Kenya’s organizations have unique characteristics. Identify a successful change manager in a Kenyan institution and discuss the validity of this statement. 7. Discuss the reasons for the much criticism levelled against the 8-4-4 system of education in relation to role performance, scope, structure, institutional commitment and timing. 8. What would you consider as the most important factors in making the recommendations of the Douglas Odhiambo committee a success? 9. Citing relevant examples, discuss the merits and demerits of the above change strategies in schools 10. a) Discuss the importance organizational training in implementing change. b) Identify a problem in a school situation and design a training programme to educate the affected group on how to handle the problem. 11. In relation to the above rules, discuss the merits and demerits of engaging internal and or external consultants. 12. Conflicts, general inefficiency and impunity are common features in K M secondary school. You have been engaged as a consultant to help fix the problems, discuss how you will handle the issues and make recommendations. 13. ‘Coercion works.’...
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