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National University of Singapore (NUS)
 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), Honours  Current CAP: 4.2 (Expected 2nd Upper Class Honours)
 Expected Date of Graduation: May 2012

Aug 08 – present

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Student Exchange Programme
Jan 11 – Jun 11
 Gained insights into Chinese culture through active participation in project meetings and networking sessions with business leaders
Fine Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd, Intern
May 10 – Jul 10
 Actively sourced for potential Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers of domestic appliances and the key components amounting up to S$10,000 in China and Malaysia.  Communicated directly with their Senior Management during the sourcing process  Designed creative posters for the Procurement Division. The posters were selected for display at the annual Improvement Competition in France.

 Organized the Annual Dinner and Dance and coordinated with external vendors on logistic preparation for 200 staff and guests.
Creative Marketing Inc, Sales Coordinator
May 09 – Jul 09
 Successfully promoted digital products and was awarded Best Sales Person within first month on the job and exceeded sales target by 15%
 Worked with marketing team and created a public relation campaign to promote digital products  Proposed improvements to an Advertorial which was accepted immediately National Service, Platoon Sergeant

 Managed and supervised a platoon of 30 men
 Planned and coordinated training programmes for recruits

Feb 06 – Feb 08

Chairman, Public Relations, Engineering Society
Aug 09 – Aug 10
 Led a group of eight Main Committee members to publicise recent events of the club which successfully increased the membership by 10%
 Encouraged club members to actively participate and helped out in club events Vice Project Director, Chess Club
Aug 09 – Apr 10
 Successfully organised a Chess Exhibition at Marina Bay which attracted a turnout of 1000  Selected and led a committee to run the project and achieved the set goals  Oversaw the whole process of preparation for the event, including Marketing, Publicity, Program mes and Logistics

 Initiated five new activities and membership increased by 20% Soccer Team Captain, NUS Football Championships
 Successfully led the team to win the Challenge Cup

Jan 09 – Mar 09

Volunteer Experience - Overseas community service in Cambodia Dec 08
 Supported the Rotary Club to organize an overseas community project for medical doctors to perform free cataract operations to the poor
 Actively participated in fund-raising activities that raised over $2,500 for the project ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
 Proficient in Microsoft Office, Ulead Video Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, C/C++ Programming  Fluent in English and Mandarin (both spoken and written)  Enjoys outdoor sports and participates in at least 2 marathons annually

Cover Letter Template
Your Name,
Your Address,
Your Mobile,
Your Email,
The Hiring Manager’s Name,
His/Her Job Designation,
His/Her Department,
Company’s Name,
Company’s Address.
Dear Mr/ Ms XXX (Hiring Manager’s surname)
Position of Entry-level Engineer
First paragraph
 Identify the purpose of your letter (be brief and to the point)  Introduce yourself
 Show genuine knowledge and interest in his or her company.  Objective: Demonstrate that you are a worthy applicant.
Second paragraph

Highlight your top two or three skills/qualifications which fit in with the company’s requirements of the potential candidate

Give a short example for each skill/qualification

Sell and market your skills and strengths (what is it that the company wants? Do you have that?) 
Objective: Interest the recruiter into reading your résumé and, eventually, inviting you to an interview. Last paragraph:

Thank the recruiter for considering...
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