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A quorum was declared and the meeting was opened by Chairman Peter Hutton at 08H40

There were 21 people present representing 19 units and 1 proxy was lodged

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting helpd on 18th June 2012 were approved

Matters arising from the last minutes

There were no matters arising from the last minutes

Proposed Levy increase

The proposed levy increase of R 600 was approved. The small increase in levy was a based on the healthy reserve balance of R 103,607.00. Bakersfield Residence Association would have a small running loss in 2012.

All agreed to new levy increase effective 1 June 2012.

On the issue of finance, Niqui was thanked for her service.

RSS Contract Revision

RSS put forward a number of proposals for the mimic panic button solution which were all rejected by the commitee as they were extremely high and carried an additional cost per unit monthly. RSS eventually reviced their entire offering to Bakersfield and were able to reduce certain costs so the mimic panic button would only cost in the region of R500 monthly for the entire complex.

All agreed that the new contract could be approved.

Guards need to be fully trained on how to deal with an alert from the mimic panic button.

General garden maintenance paid from levy

All agreed that the general garden maintenance could continue be covered by the levy.

Current committe members prepared to stand

Standing committee members: Leo Strydom, John Barham and Claire Shelver were re-eltected.

Vote of Thanks for Outgoing Committe and Chairman

Peter Hutton thanked for his ± 15 years on the commitee

Election of new committee and Chairmain

Danuta Meissner of unit 53 and Marinus Schoeman of unit 40 welcomed onto the committee. The committee will elect a new Chairman at their next meeting.

Any other business

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