Windshield Survey of Anaheim Hills, Ca

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  • Published : April 9, 2011
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Windshield Survey of Anaheim Hills, California
Element| Description|
Housing and zoning| * The average age range of homes is 15-35 years; the majority of homes are constructed with brick. Homes older than 35 years are constructed with wood and brick. * The most common style and architecture of the homes are country and ranch. * Most homes have central heating/air conditioning, sprinkler systems * The majority of homes are in very good to excellent condition. * The majority of yards are well-manicured by contracted landscaping services. * There are a few gated neighborhoods with mansions with modern architecture nestled on hilltops and hillsides. * Many homes have swimming pools/spas maintained by independent pool service companies. * There are three apartment communities and three condominium communities; both communities are gated. * There are two senior citizen complexes and one assisted living complex. * After surveying the city, very few homes were seen with residential sale signs. After stopping in a real estate office, I was directed to a website which provides number of homes for sale and in foreclosure. (There are 3,109 homes for sale and 145 homes in foreclosure in a population of 53, 997). * The average lot size of residential properties is 9,120 square feet. * There is several business districts located close to two freeways such as restaurants, three drug stores, three supermarkets and a department store. * The city is known for its expensive, upscale shops and mansions, and is one of only a few of Orange County’s notably wealthy inland communities. * The Anaheim Hills golf course is the largest in Orange County according to a sign posted at the entrance of the driveway. | Open space| * Anaheim Hills has a total land area of 19 square miles. Of that, a little more than one square mile is water. It is 67% built to capacity, with 33% open space remaining with numerous rolling hills lining the Santa Ana...
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