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Answer to question one: Writing Skills – Revising, editing and proofreading

To all members of the Task Team

During the “Know your status campaign” at the Amalgamated Filtration Industries you all out did yourselves with the service you provided to the public. I was very proud and appreciative with all the work and support you up in.

By being consistent, hard working and dedicated, myself and senior management I know and trust that the objective of this campaign will be a success. We have noticed each and every member on Sunday doing their best to convey the concept of development across to the public which we are very proud. I am greatly thankful for your dedication and devote to work. Your enthusiasm should be taken up and emulated by others who work in similar roles and organizations.

Many employees in the company may know their HIV/AIDS status and may want to act on it accordingly. It is therefore our job to continue with the excellent service we provide and ensure that the confidentiality of the people be respected.

Thank you all for your on going efforts of saving lives in South Africa.

Johannes Seeslaar

Answer to question two: Meetings

Linwood Steel Manufacturing – Protection Service Department

Minutes of a meeting of the Protection Service Department held in Clover Boardroom on 21 October 2009

1. Welcome

The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed everyone that was present.

2. Present

Ms Stein (Chairperson)
Ms Nthabiseng Mothong (Secretary)
10 staff members as per the attached attendance register.

3. Apologies

Mr Piet Vrede

4. Minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes for the previous meeting of 21 September 2009 has been circulated and were taken as read. The minutes were approved.

5. Matters arising

5.1. Punctuality (point 6.3 of the meeting of 21 September)
There is still some staff that has ignored our discussion in the previous meeting on punctuality. This is unaccepted and Ms Stein will be looking into issuing the respective staff with written warnings if it continues to happen.

6. New Matters
6.1. New arrangements for the access to danger zones

We have to keep the clients and the staff members away from the area where the chemicals are stored. This is a safety issues which needs to be addressed urgently. Mr Lendwba suggested that we get access cards to ensure fewer people have the access to the storage room which will in turn minimize the risks. Email Ms Stein by the end of October on your thoughts.

6.2. Employees parking in Visitors Parking area

We have had numerous complaints from clients about not being able to find parking. This is due to staff parking in the Visitors Parking. Ms Stein suggested that staff caught parking in the Visitors Parking will have their tyres clamped and will have to pay a fine of R250 to release the clamp. There were 3 staff members who appealed against this. Their argument was that there was parking bays for staff was not sufficient. Ms Stein will need to contact the Directors with regards to making more parking available to staff and visitors.

6.3 Responsible use of shared departmental photocopy machine

Ms Stein pointed out there will be access codes issued to all staff using the photocopy machine. This is so the cost for the stationary budget can be filtered back to the relevant departments.

6.4. Vandalism (deliberate damage to property) on the premises

Vandalism is still an issue, which the Board of Directors are aware of. If you do witness this act please report it immediately. These criminals will be dismissed from our organization.

7. General

7.1 Casual Day

Mr Lendore reminded the staff that on the 28th of October is Casual Day. All staff may leave the monies with the secretary and will obtain their stickers. This is a worthy cause. We have already raised R8000 for good causes.

7.2. Work Load

Mr Ledwaba pointed out...
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