Quantitative Analysis a Questions

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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DUE WEEK 13 (21 Oct 2010)
The assignment will earn you maximum of 15%. The assignment will require your group to submit a written report and do a presentation. You are given 2 case studies to be solved. Discuss in your group on how to solve all problems using the techniques you had learned in this course.

The written report must contain all the information required. Each group should produce one written report. The report will be used to make the soft skills assessment (whether you have or do not have the skill) on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

CTPS5 : Ability to make decisions based on evidence
Your project group will make a presentation during the tutorial in Week 13. This will be based on your written report but you need to focus only on presenting the solution for one of the case studies. The case study to be presented will be notified during the tutorial class in Week 11. Discuss with your group members on what to be presented. You must explain what the problems are and how to solve it.

Each group will be given 10 MINUTES ONLY for the presentation. EACH PROJECT GROUP MEMBER MUST make a presentation.
The marks you get are a combination of group marks and individual marks. You and your group will be assessed on
1. Well organized presentation
2. Team work
3. Creativity
4. Demonstration of knowledge
5. Timing
6. Level of confidence
The presentation will also be used to make the soft skills assessment (whether you have or do not have the skill) on Communication Skills
CS1: Ability to express ideas clearly, effectively and confidently through oral and written modes
CS2: Ability to exercise active listening skills and respond to the ideas of others (for 2010/2011 intake)
CS3: Ability to make clear and confident presentations appropriate to the audience (for 2009/2010 intake or earlier)
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