Micro Max Branding and Positioning

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• Key points to be incorporated in the presentation as per the case study synopsis • In the absence of meaningful difference on product quality, consumers generally choose by name • Key values are not marketing but what the core values of the product are • How a particular brand evolved and grew and in turn became a powerful brand in today’s competitive market

Contents expected in Case Study as per Prof. Majumdar

• Your chosen Brand’s Identity, Personality and Symbolism • Strategic decisions taken to build the same brand
• Consumer insights & perceptions used to create its values • Factors that shaped the brand during its life cycle
• Role of advertising in this brand building process
• How did this brand positioned itself in its competitive market? • The future steps to consolidate the same brand

http://business.in.com/article/work-in-progress/micromax-mobile-advantage/10472/1 http://www.forbes.com/2010/03/02/forbes-india-micromax-challenges-nokia_4.html http://www.livemint.com/2010/02/08221833/Micromax-challenges-Samsung-L.html http://www.micromaxinfo.com/aboutus.php

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Case Study: Micromax Mobile

Brand personality: The Micromax mobile made its mark in Indian market in 2008 which is currently being dominated by Nokia who is the leader. It was started by the following four innovative minds.

Company History

Though the company started making mobile phones only in 2008, it was founded in 1991 by Rajesh Agarwal as a distributor of computer hardware for brands like Dell, HP and Sony. In 1999 three of his friends — Sumeet Arora, Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain — joined him as equal partners in the company.

Agarwal, the eldest of the four, keeps a handle on the company’s finances. The quieter Arora, a “class topper”, is the company’s chief technology officer. Jain manages Micromax’s alliances and partnerships with other companies. And the tall and fashionable Sharma is the risk taker with the big ideas.

It was Sharma who convinced the others, after nine years of selling computers, software courses and “fixed wireless” public phones (PCOs), to enter the crowded mobile phone market.

They entered the Indian market only after detailed analysis of the Indian market. They had two aces up their sleeve – a keen eye on customer needs and the ability to swing the supply chain. They tried to tap in the key weaknesses which big players like Nokia, Samsung and LG could not see or tap. The Big 3 most of the times tried to target the urban market and then sold the same product in rural areas after its success. They have overtaken LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. Micromax team dared to think differently and targeted rural India first.

“We are not the poor cousins of Nokia,” says Vikas Jain, one of the four friends who together started and grew Micromax to its present position. “Instead we will force Nokia to launch newer products to compete with us.” [pic]

Catering Need and many Firsts to its credit
The initial study found the following unaddressed areas in Indian market and to come up with a product which no one has tapped so far • The travellers across different GSM operators had to buy multiple SIM cards to keep the cost down and hence had to carry multiple handsets which they did not fancy. This issue was addressed by creating “Dual SIM Phones” which supported GSM as well as CDMA network. • The Dual-SIM feature is now present in 20 to 30% of all handsets sold in India whereas the market leader Nokia does not have a single handset with this facility in its Brand protfolio inspite of large range of available handsets. • 22 phones out of 26 launched (till Feb 2010) have Dual-SIM provision from Micromax • The first phone X1i which was launched in 2008 was developed keeping in mind that rural areas and towns did not have enough electricity to charge the mobile phones. They increased the size of...
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