Psychological Assessment Review

Topics: Psychology, Thought, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Learning to Think

1. The Big Picture
2. What I learned
Psychological assessment is a multi-factorial field in which the psychologist must possess skills in technical and expertise issues. 3. Relearning what and how to think
This course is about thinking through your thinking. It puts what you think you know into question in order to discern intelligence that has potential value. After recognizing the ideas and thoughts that have value, an individual is then able to answer questions surrounding the person being assessed. This process of proper critical thinking is the main concept in assessment. Through proper critical thinking, an individual establishes a purposeful plan in future assessments. 4. The Top 10

1 – Meta-cognition
2 – Critical thinking
3 – Masks and appearances vs. essence in life
4 – Asking the right questions and understanding the questions 5 – Psychometrics
6 – Work smart; not hard
7 – Assessment is personal
8 – Be open to diversity
9 – Multi-tasking
10 – Creative thinking
5. Reflection
a) The most remarkable thing I learned was the artistic viewpoint on psychology. That a psychologist cannot only have technical skills and know theory. One must be able to have expertise in making decisions in assessment. b) In this course, I thought I would know the Industrial Organizational section since I am preparing to go to graduate school in I/O Psych. But as I listened to the lecture, I learned that there was more to it than just helping companies assess their employees. c) Before this course, I thought I liked personality psychology. After learning more about the various types of personality assessments, I became less interested. d) As the course was starting, I did not really mind doing the statistical calculations. After doing them and understanding them, I really enjoyed doing them. e) My biggest misconception that was corrected was that psychology was only relevant in theories in books. I...
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