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Tables of Contents
1)The Facts and The Issue
2)Quality Assurance (QA):
a.What is QA and its benefits?
b.Choosing a suitable ISO.
3)Quality Assurance Proposal - ISO 22000:
a.Documentation of all processes:
i.Raw Materials
iii.Final Product Testing
iv.Statistical Control
b.Personnel and Time
c.Internal Audits
d.External Audits
e.Projected Expenditure/ Budget
4)Making a decision – Proposal Logistics versus Proposal Potential

Section 1 – The Facts and The Issue
1)Medium sized local manufacturing company (Mango Pres Ltd) produces: 2)A range of preserved mango relishes.
3)The Issue: Mango Pres Ltd desires trade with a foreign company i.e. export to “Caribbean Sensations” European supermarket chain 4)Mango Pres Ltd approached our company “ASCAD Business Advising Services” to help facilitate the trade between them and Caribbean Sensations. 5)This transaction is one of foreign trade i.e. export => an ISO is needed 6)Requirements for trade between Mango Pres. Ltd and Caribbean Sensations: i.European Law Requirement – Accurate labelling of:

i.Artificial food colorants
ii.Preservatives in food
ii.Caribbean Sensations requirement – Assurance of quality of products: i.Ingredients/raw materials
ii.Manufacturing/ Storage Process
iii.Product itself
7)Quality – Exxon – Understanding the customer’s expectations, to agree on performance and value requirements, and providing products and services that meet the expectations 100% of the time. 8)Time frame – Shortest time possible

9)Cost – Medium sized company cannot afford a very expensive Quality Assurance Plan. The manufacturer has to be advised on how to proceed with obtaining the said requirements without having to put out a large capital for this assurance. 10)Implementation of the quality systems required versus the new systems potential benefits.

Section 2 – Quality Assurance (QA)
a)What is QA and how can it benefit Mango Pres Ltd.?
QA is a system implemented to provide an assurance to the producers and users, that a product or service meets defined standards of quality, with a stated level of confidence. System addresses all aspects of a system of a product or service provided to a customer. This is done with ISO Quality System Registration. ISO means International Organization for Standardization, founded in 1946 and it can benefit Mango Pres Ltd by promoting the development of international standards and related activities, including conformity assessment, to facilitate the exchange of goods and services worldwide. Thus Mango Pres Ltd, once ISO certified, will be able to facilitate business with foreign parties.

b)Choosing an ISO which fits best
International accreditation standards used world-wide are known as ISO under various sub headings, for example ISO 9000 series are a comprehensive compilation of standards to be adhered to in manufacturing and industry. This accreditation is very broad and is best suited for industrial and large manufacturing companies. For companies that deal with foods and edibles, there is the ISO 22000, which addresses prevention of hazardous products in the food production industry and also deals specifically with packaging. ISO 22000 is an international standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system covering all organizations in the food chain from “farm to fork”. “This is an extension of HACCP; health analysis and critical control points which is a part of FDA and USDA which applies to the US, but now as ISO 22000 it is recognised as an international standard which would facilitate both European Law and Caribbean Sensations’ requirements for trade.

Section 3 – QA Proposal – ISO 22000
a)Documentation of all processes:
i.Raw Materials:-
Raw materials from accredited farm include mangoes, red bell peppers, green onions, cilantro, lime and hot peppers. Raw materials from accredited...
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