Quality Management Project

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Executive Summary
iConsultant is committed to implementing appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable the delivery of the highest practicable quality products and services. Dyson Limited engaged iConsultant to strategize a total quality transformation for the company to overcome its current quality challenges and hone its competitiveness in the world market. An analysis and study is carried out on Dyson product and market profile to derive a quality management plan by utilizing the following quality management tool. * Root Cause Analysis

* SWOT Analysis
* Matrix Data Analysis
* Affinity Diagram
* Relationship Diagram
* Matrix Diagram
* Arrow Diagram
* Tree Diagram
* Process Decision Program
Main issues of the company are identified and broad objectives are laid out to dictate the direction of the specific tactics. Specific tactics based on the quality vision, mission and guiding principles are developed for Dyson to implement and create success. 1.Introduction

1.1Project Definition
The purpose of this project is to improve and recover Dyson’s current Quality Strategy by classifying and nailing down the impending root causes that contributes to Declining Quality and Strained Customer Relationship, and thereby propose a total quality management strategy for Dyson. 1.2Project Scope

The project report compromises of quality management tools utilized for the development of Dyson’s current Quality strategy. 2.Company’s Background
Dyson Limited is an electric domestic appliance manufacturing company headquartered in the UK, and founded in 1992 by Sir James Dyson. Their products include vacuum cleaners, washing machines and hand driers. Dyson machines are exported to 50 countries and it employs over 3,000 people worldwide. Dyson always comes out with products that use better technology, better design and better engineering for which they charge premium prices to fund research and development to help bring out more products. According to Dyson, ‘Manufacturing goes beyond making things in the factory. For us, assembly comes at the very end of a long period of research, design and development.’ Dyson’s primary business strategy is to provide tremendously innovative and sleekly designed high-end products to the housewares market, all of which have fundamental improvements or changes in the way they are designed as compared to normal appliances. Much of their strategic capabilities lie in the ability of the engineers at Dyson to continue to develop new products ahead of their time, as well as the charismatic presence of James Dyson as a spokesperson for their marketing campaign. Dyson’s modus operandi is to make better products, charge people more for them, and not manufacture as many as their competitors. For instance, Dyson is the fifth largest vacuum cleaner manufacturer when measured by units sold, yet it brings in the most total revenue for vacuum units sold. Such a strategy increases demand and interest, while also allowing for acceptable higher prices on their products. 2.1Company’s Vision

To be known across the world for high quality products that are truly different and better through the imagination and diligence of Dyson people. 2.2Company’s Mission
To provide truly innovative products that is distinct in look and superior in quality. Create total customer satisfaction. 2.3Company’s Guiding Principles
* Maintain utmost quality relationship with employees, vendors and customers.

* Emphasis on continuous innovation.

* Customer Satisfaction is the driving force of the company.

* Always look to past successes and failures for inspiration.

* Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.

* Contribute positively to our communities and our environment. 2.4Company Size and Competitors
Dyson currently has 3588 people...
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