Plagiarism Questionnaire

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Plagiarism Questionnaire
Introduction to Questionnaire
This survey is about the use of plagiarism. We would like to know your perceptions of what constitutes proper use of reference materials, and your reaction to the misuse of sources. Please answer the following questions carefully and as honestly as you can. The questionnaire should take about 5- 10 minutes to complete.

About You
1. What is your academic area?| |
2. Please indicate your position?| |
3. How long have you been a college/university instructor?| |

1. How do you educate yourself on plagiarism?


2. What type of discussions/explanations do you have with students in an attempt to assist them with avoiding plagiarism?


3. Do you use plagiarism detection software or online services to assist with the detection of plagiarism? If so, what type? Yes| |

4. Are you aware of the myths or beliefs that internet (discussion boards, social sites, etc.) is a public domain and copying information to use in an assignment is not plagiarism?

Yes ONo O

5. The temptation to plagiarize may be easier for students with time management issues. How do you help these students avoid this pitfall?


6. When do you check for plagiarism?

* When there is a change in writing style
* I perform random checks
* Depends on the assignment
* Other

7. Do you feel your students plagiarize? (Circle One)
Often Sometimes Never

8. Do you think it is possible for students to avoid plagiarizing? Yes No Maybe

9. Do you find that freshman plagiarism more or less than the upper-class? Yes No Maybe Not Sure

10. After finding out that a student has plagiarized, what type of action do you take?


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