Plagiarism, Research Skills and the Role of Assessment and Feedback

Topics: Summative assessment, Formative assessment, Learning Pages: 5 (1725 words) Published: April 8, 2013
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Introduction 4 Plagiarism 4 1.1 Definition 4 1.2 Tackling Plagiarism 4 Research Skills 5 2.1 Are research skills important? 6 The role of assessment and feedback 6 3.1 Elaborating on assessment 6 3.2 Feedback 7 Conclusion 7 References 8

This report aims to investigate and explore three main topics; plagiarism, what are the research skills and their importance and the role of assessment and feedback. All the information required to complete this assignment was collected through extensive internet research as well as efficiency use of the library. There are main

1.1 Definition
According to Soanes and Stevenson (2008), plagiarism or the act of plagiarising is “taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. Coughlan (2008) states that there have reports showing an overall increase in plagiarism among students in higher education. This has been identified as an important drawback in the learning processes of students, not only in the United Kingdom (UK) but also in every area where students can have internet access. Postle (2009) points out that it is becoming more and more difficult to identify plagiarised pieces of writings due to the wide range of sources and ways that students come up with to avoid writing them on their own. 1.2 Tackling plagiarism

Hansen et al (2011) states that in most cases a more punitive approach has been put into practice instead of focusing on educating students over the issue of plagiarism. Furthermore, she supports the concept of finding the source of the problem rather than trying to manage and solve its consequences. Insley (2011) identified and categorised the main reasons a part of student community plagiarize. Students, who are unaware of the proper way to use quotations, paraphrase and cite their sources are found guilty of plagiarism even though they did not intend to, form the first category. Procrastination of conducting the necessary research and time-spent on writing the actual assignment may lead to intentional plagiarism which could be considered as the second main reason. Finally, students who consciously plagiarize due to their indolence and unwillingness to spend even a small amount of time to try and cope with their assignment constitute another category. Various ways of creating tasks in which the possibility of students to plagiarize is low are being suggested in Hansen’s (2011) article. For instance, forming assignments that are unique such tasks based one current news or events and portfolio based assignments which show students’ improvement. Another possible solution that Hansen (2011) suggests is...
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