Personal Healthy Living Plan

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Personal Healthy Living Plan

Feb.19.2013| Food Eaten| How much Eaten|
Breakfast| Milk| 1 cup|
Lunch | Salmon Lettace Sandwich | 1 Normal sized Sandwich | Dinner| RiceBeefTomatoesEggs| 1 bowl Few slicesAround 1 whole tomato | Snacks| Candy| 2 piece |

Feb.20.2013| Food Eaten| How much Eaten|
Breakfast| Soy Milk| 1 cup|
Lunch | Cup noodle| 1 Serving |
Dinner| FruitsCrème SoupSpaghetti | 2 Whole Oranges |
Snacks| Chips | 70g bag of Chips |

Feb.21.2013| Food Eaten| How much Eaten|
Breakfast| Water| 1 cup |
Lunch | RiceChickenRadish| 1/2 a bowlFew piece 3-4 piece | Dinner| Chow Mein -Carrots-beef-lettace-mushroomsSteamed FishFruit| 1.5 bowl 1 Orange | Snacks| Candy | 6 piece. |

Physical Activities:
Job Around the neighborhood every Mon, Wed, and Fri; depends on the weather.

4. Notes of Canada’s good guide
-Eat at least one dark green and one serving vegetable each day

-Choose vegetables and fruit prepared with little or no added fat, sugar or salt.

-Have meat alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu often

- Consume at least two servings of fish each week

-Use vegetable oil such as canola, olive and soybean

-Make at least half of your grain products whole grain each day

-Have real Fruits and vegetables

Compare your eating habits with the recommendations found in Canada’s Food guide. Base on what the food guide says, what menu changes, if any, would you make to the meals you ate over the three days you tracked and that you eat in general? Why?

Compared to my eating habits for the past three days, to the eating baits with the recommendations found in Canada’s Food guide, it seems like my habit is a little off from being healthy. I should eat a little more for breakfast, and sometime more healthier during lunch. I might try adding oatmeal and toasts to my breakfast meal, and provide more fruits and vegetables for lunch. After these small changes, I...
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