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Topics: Nutrition, Eating, Food Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: December 5, 2010
John Bradley
Intro. Athletic Training
Prof. Johnson
My Daily Diet
For the past week I have kept a record of everything I have consumed including food and drinks. I have done this to asses what kind of foods I eat and how much nutrition I am getting from my daily diet. I find it very important to know what my body is taking in and how it will affect me and my daily routine. The foods we eat play a big role in performance in class, the workplace, sports and in everything else in life. We can not expect to get the most out of our body while feeding it the wrong things and not receiving the right nutrition.

In my week of researching myself and my eating habits I was pretty surprised at my findings and just how big of a role my diet plays in my active lifestyle. As a college student and athlete I lead a very demanding lifestyle that places a lot of mental and physical stress on my body. With this kind of lifestyle it is mandatory to always be running at the top of my game everyday whether it be simply taking notes during lecture or taking out a running back during football practice. To perform at my full potential a few important things are required. These very beneficial things are; at least eight or nine hours of sleep, the right attitude, self motivation, and of course my diet.

While my current diet is not absolutely horrible, it is definitely not the kind of diet a student athlete should have to be at the top of their game. I have quite a few weaknesses in my diet that I plan to solve by either cutting certain foods outs or greatly limiting their intake. I was shocked to find out just how many of my calories come from fat and unsaturated fat. In many of my meals the percentage of calories from fat came pretty close to fifty percent which is completely unacceptable. The recommended amount is somewhere between twenty to thirty percent of my diet so I am pretty far from that amount which is not good at all. One more thing I found to...
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