Past Years Questions

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Past Year Questions

OPM 530

COMPILATION OF PAST YEAR QUESTIONS OPM 530 – INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT JAN 2012 – OCTOBER 2006 CHAPTER 1- Introduction to Operations Management and Productivity JUN2012 a) Define productivity and elaborate on any four (4) importance of productivity to an organization. (10 marks) b) Discuss any five (5) challenged faced by today’s operations managers (10 marks) APR 2011 a) Define operations management with the aid of appropriate diagram. b) Discuss any four (4) ethical challenges faced by the operations managers.

(8 marks) (12 marks)

OCT 2010 Nowadays, operations management is critical towards organizational success. Therefore it is a challenge for the organization’s operation to be aligned with the current trends. Discuss any five (5) new trends in operations management with appropriate examples. (20 marks) APR 2009 a) Describe the major components of a production system. Illustrate your answers with a diagram. (10 marks) b) Discuss any two (2) examples of how changes in the external environment such as major increase in oil prices affect the operations management strategy for a company. (10 marks)

CHAPTER 2 - Operations Strategy and Competitiveness JAN 2012 "Operations Management is the set of activities that creates value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs". Based on the above statement, explain briefly the ten (10) Operations Management critical decisions. (20 marks) APR 2011 a) Elaborate any four (4) reasons for the company involving in international trade. (8 marks) b) PROTON will introduce a new model known as PROTON INSPIRA for the Malaysian market. This new car model is a collaboration project between PROTON and MITSUBISHI. MITSUBISHI is a Japanese car manufacturing company who is well known with MITSUBISHI LANCER model. PROTON INSPIRA and MITSUBISHI LANCER are categorized under same class of specification. Extracted from Utusan Malaysia, June 2010 Demonstrate the strategies that can be applied by PROTON to achieve competitive advantage for PROTON INSPIRA to compete with the established model produced by MITSUBISHI, named as MITSUBISHI LANCER. (12 marks) OCT 2010 a) Briefly explain on how an organization can achieve competitive advantage in the market with relevant examples. (12 marks) 1 Adz/UiTMK/March- Jun 2012/Sept 2012-Jan 2013

Past Year Questions

OPM 530

b) Identify and explain four (4) global operations strategies options for an organization to engage in international business. ( 8 marks) APR 2010 Discuss any four (4) strategic decisions in managing operations in an organization. (10 marks) OCT 2009 a) Explain five (5) reasons why company globalizes their business operations. Illustrate your answer with example. (10 marks) b) Define competitive advantage. Identify and elaborate how organizations can achieve competitive advantages in their business operations. Support your answer with example. (10 marks) OCT 2008 a) Briefly discuss how managers achieve competitive advantage through differentiation and response. Provide an example for each strategy. (10 marks) OCT 2007 Discuss any five (5) impacts of globalization on operations management.

(20 marks)

APR 2007 Discuss any five (5) strategic decisions in managing operations in an organization. (20 marks) CHAPTER 3 - Product Design in Manufacturing JAN 2012 a) List the five (5) goals for ethical and environmentally friendly product design.

(5 marks)

b) Describe any five (5) factors to be considered by operations managers when designing new products. (15 marks) APR 2010 Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a process for determining customer requirements and translating them into the attributes that each functional area can understand and act on. One of the tools of QFD is the House of Quality. i) Define house of Quality. (3 marks) ii) Explain the seven (7) basic steps in performing the House of Quality. (7 marks) OCT 2009 Briefly explain any five (5)...
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