Iscom Week 4 Company Research Outline

Topics: Manufacturing resource planning, Material requirements planning, Dell Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Company Research outline

Dell Inc. is an American multinational information technology company. The company provides the technology solutions, services and support for their customers (Dell, 2011). In today’s economic business environment, several methods and techniques of the forecasting are used by Dell Company. For instance, mainly Dell uses the Delphi technique to do forecasting. As per this technique, the company selects and appoints a panel of experts from both the technology and marketing fields. In addition, this panel of experts goes through different series of rounds to forecast the demand of company. Along with this, for the purpose of demand forecasting of the product/service of the company, the appointed panel of experts produce and create important and significant information from the two resources effectively. One is the purchasing activities or behavior by the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and another is past data. It means, in order to forecast, Dell uses past data of the customers and buying behavior of the consumers (Fields, 2004). In addition, Dell also uses customized websites in order to generate demand. Along with this, to generate important information of the demand, a corporate website is also created by Dell. With the help of this method of forecasting, Dell manages the demand of large volume of buyers (Schroeder, 2009). Apart from this, the company also collects the information from the sales people of the company, who are in different sales areas. Additionally, it should also be noted down that the company also distributes or shares its demand forecast information with different suppliers through the internet portal on the monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Dell also uses direct sale approach of forecasting. With the help of this, Dell focuses on speeding components through its supply chain to fulfill the customer demand, as it arises (Fields, 2004).

For Dell, a budget is the most important tool, because it...
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