Obc1 Pre-Test Study Guide

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  • Published: December 10, 2012
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1. How can a manager build employee trust? Choose 1 answer A. Identify only very general job skill changes B. Provide employees information on industry growth potential from innovation C. Provide very general change information D. Identify and be negative about the change with employees E. Provide specific job loss and change information 2. A change vision must be developed and clearly conveyed to all members of the firm. What aspect of the change vision should management communicate to employees? A. Nonsupportive management views B. Vague images of the proposed organizational structure C. How the employees will be affected by the change D. A summary of major rumors regarding the change 3. What are the four types of strategic change? A. Capital, process, cost cutting, cultural B. Cost cutting, process, capital, structural C. Cost cutting, process, structural, social D. Structural, cost cutting, process, cultural 4. What level of political action has broad long-term strategic impact? A. Network B. Individual C. Department D. Coalition 5. Surprise and fear of the unknown are reasons people resist change. How might this reaction manifest itself through employee behavior? A. They become more productive in response to warnings. B. They display less fear of the unknown. C. They create rumors to fill the void created by lack of official announcements. D. They become increasingly comfortable with the routine. 6. What two recommendations should a manager consider in implementing an organizational change? A. Ensure the organization is ready and involve mid-level managers. B. Ensure the organization is ready and implement the change quickly.

C. D.

Use a systems model and manipulate the data indicating change is needed. Use a systems model and implement the change quickly.

7. Which of the following is a key factor in communicating change vision to employees? A. Provide a consultant to manipulate employee questions B. Provide employees the opportunity to discuss...
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