Notes: Something Wicked This Way Comes

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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AP Short Form:
Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Author: Ray Bradbury
Published: 1962
Main characters:
1. William Halloway – One of the main protagonists of the novel. Will is thirteen years old and has white-blonde hair and eyes “as clear as summer rain.” Although very obedient, Will is also sweet, sensitive, and does not want to grow up because he thoroughly enjoys being young. He always finds the right thing to do, even in the most trivial of situations. Will has an active role in fighting against the carnival’s evil powers. 2. James “Jim” Nightshade – Best friend of Will Halloway. A rash boy, who acts a foil to Will’s character, in that he thinks less and acts quickly in his actions. He has wild, tangled chestnut brown hair and grass-colored eyes. Jim yearns to become older, making him vulnerable to the carnival’s many temptations, but is ultimately saved by Will’s friendship. 3. Charles Halloway – Father of William. He is the dynamic character of the novel, as in the beginning he is kind, yet does not care to relate to his son for fear that age shall always get in the way. However, after gaining courage from fighting off the carnival’s evils, he gains admiration, love and friendship from his son. 4. Mr. Dark – Major protagonist. A sinister man who bears tattoos all over his body, one for each person successfully tempted into joining the carnival. Mr. Dark initially holds sway over the other main characters, but his power weakens when Charles uses positive emotions against him, something he cannot comprehend or withstand. Dark's background is a mystery, although he refers to being raised in a strict religious upbringing.

Minor Characters:

1. J. C. Cooger - Dark's partner in running the carnival, Mr. Cooger is a fierce, red-headed man who is first seen repairing the carousel. He catches and terrifies Will and Jim until Mr. Dark intervenes. Like Mr. Dark, his origins are unknown. 2. The Dust Witch - A blind soothsayer...