Boys of Blood and Bone Anaysis

Topics: Present, Time, Death Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Boys of Blood and Bone Literary Analysis

In the novel ‘Boys of Blood and Bone’ the main message the author was trying to come across to readers was that discover life, because it could be cut short at any time for no reason. This book is definitely suited for young readers as it teaches them life lessons- like maturity, loss, death, love, relationships in all sort, adulthood and what life was like a long time ago.

This book has been split into two parts of two completely different stories, life and setting. The first half of each chapter is about Henry and his way of living in our century, and the second half is Andy and his diary about his way of living also. The narration of this story that is used is in 3rd person, for example in chapter five (page 24) “He went past the Rosewood Motel, where Janine worked, and he headed out of town”. Also 1st person is involved, for example in chapter 15 (page 91) “Well here we are. Boys have gone mad with French Fever”.

This book has been structured into 2 parallel stories, and they both collide into each other story. In Henrys life he breaks down in his car outside of Strattford where Andy used to live before going to war and passing away. Henry meets and becomes very close (in the end) with Andy’s great granddaughter, Janine, who introduces him to Andy’s diary, written whilst in war. Henry also meets and is very interested with her stories, Miss H who is at a very old age, which is also known as Cecelia in Andy’s story as he fiancé but they have problems and call off the engagement due to Andy knocking up another women named Francis-Jane. At the end Henry and Janine go to visit a cemetery in France incorporating Andy’s grave where he attended the World War one and was shot dead.

There are two main characters mostly involved in this novel, Henry who lives in the present time and Andy who is set in the times of 1917-1918. There are also minor characters such as Janine, Miss H (Cecelia), Trot, Marcelle and...
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