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Apple customer service
How to Define the Importance & Benefits of Customer Service: Customer service refers to the process of providing a customer with the proper attention, benefits, and information regarding a particular product. Customer service is important and beneficial because it demonstrates the good attributes of the company, encourages the customer to return to the store, and allows other customers to want to purchase a product at that store. In order to define the importance and benefits of customer service, understand the necessary skills of the sales associates, the components of positive communication between the sales associates and the customers, and the techniques necessary for making a customer want to return to the store

Why is Customer Service Important for Apple?
 Customer service is important because it provides buyers with assistance and friendly advice. Customer service can provide product support, and make a happier customer. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The Apple Store is always seeking to improve the experience because “feedback” is a critical component of the brand. Eliminate the clutter to create a better customer experience, simplify has been apple's greatest strength and the source of its complexity. The customer service is better than the quality of the products. A big part of Apple's success is the customer service it provides at its retail stores. Everything from customer service, to stock levels and even space is considered. A key element of their success is the culture that they have created, and crucially that they keep reinforcing that helps deliver consistently great customer experiences. For example, employees are told, and trained not to sell, but rather to help customers solve problem Apple gives its people clear guidelines on what to do, and how to do it, when it comes to dealing with customers For example, its “steps of service” are spelled...
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