Customer Service Skills

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Customer service is a very important factor in today’s society. Customer is any relationship, conversation, or interaction an employee has with a customer. Good customer service is the key to a successful business. I learned some things out this class that are relevant to me. I can use them throughout my career.

I interviewed three people, as following, for this assignment: Connie Taylor, Wanda Croft, and Jeronda Moran. Mrs. Connie works for the Monroe City School Board and has been there twenty years. Her job title is a bus monitor. She loves her job and works with kids day by day. That influences her to portray good customer service. Mrs. Connie stated that she goes out of her way to make the children feel comfortable. Also, as noted, she’s always receiving recognition for being such a sweet kind-hearted person. She’s always there when the kids need someone to talk to or need a helping hand. I asked Mrs. Connie what does she do to children that are rude and she replied, “I look at them all the same. When one is rude or ill-mannered, I make them aware of their actions and I correct them. If I have to take it a step farther, I may call parents.” Mrs. Connie feels that good customer service is when you treat others as you want to be treated and put yourself in their shoes.

Wanda Croft is an employee of Ouachita Parish D.A.’s Office. She has held this job position for ten years. Others usually refer to Mrs. Croft as nice, caring, and a trustworthy person. Mrs. Croft stated that doesn’t really favor her job occupation but a job is a job. Working at this type of office, she interacts with the public (customers) every week day. Mrs. Wanda handles negative feedback from people every now and then, but she never gets offended. When she comes about such a situation, she lets the supervisor handle it. Also, she handles rude customers...
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