Movie Critique: Jamaica for Sale

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Movie Critique: Jamaica For Sale

Rachel Robinson 500412789

Sec. 011

Dr. Sonya Graci
Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
in partial fulfillment for the requirements
HTT 622 Destination Marketing Management

January 30, 12

Ryerson University

Question 1

The main objective of this destination management class is to teach students to analyze destinations and evaluate marketing and management strategies of island destinations such as Jamaica. Though there are multiple island destinations that are prime examples for this objective, the documentary Jamaica For Sale illustrates a famous destinations challenges and impacts (environmental, economic, and social). Furthermore it allows the students to analyze and determine best practices and management elements further. To summarize, this documentary applies to the class because it is the epitome of what the class is about; island destination challenges, impacts, sustainability management, policies, and destination marketing. Question 2

Jamaica as a tourism destination faces numerous challenges as a country. As one of the most indebted countries in the world Jamaica in undergoing mass market, large-scale, hotel development as well as condominiums and residential gated communities. Casinos, major tourist attractions, a new international airport, and more luxury hotels are in the process of construction, which is creating great threat to the local community, environment, and natural resources (Collins, 2005, pg. 34). Socially penurious local communities are lacking basic amenities such as proper schools, housing, healthcare, sewage treatment, security, and reliable utilities. Furthermore, ecologically sensitive shorelines are facing an uproar of construction with tourist related superstructure and infrastructure (Dodds & Graci, 2010 pg. 51). Moreover, as Jamaica is economically dependent on the volatile industry of tourism, its other industries and small-scale economies fail and get further pushed down into debt. (Olsen, 1997, pg. 286) Another issue that the country struggles with is corruption. Wealthier figures and multinational companies have access and are able to bribe officials that allow their application to build on sensitive land (Dodds & Graci, 2010 pg. 66).

As a tourist destination, Jamaica faces challenges in creating a product that will have longevity in competitiveness, quality, and quantity. Environmental sustainability, land use, and regional planning are other issues that hinder Jamaica’s ability to create a better product. Furthermore market development and diversification is lacking there off due to the demand of all-inclusive vacations. With foreign currency being spent within an international company economic leakages occurs simultaneously.

Question 3

Jamaica For sale takes a look at environmental, economic and social impacts that the country struggles to deal with as a nation. Primarily, the accumulated impacts of inadequately regulated superstructure development on sensitive shorelines, tarnished aquatic environments, pollution and waste, habitat alteration and fragmentation and depleted marine species are the environmental impacts that the country is struggling to restore (Dodds & Graci, 2010 pg. 6-7). Consequently, as aquatic environments are ruined and shorelines are receding, the ability to restore the environment is difficult. This is also a result of environmental policies that are in place but they are outdated and almost never implemented. This is an example of political, environmental, and social impacts of infirm governing framework. Furthermore, due to governing framework that is lacking supervision and implementation there is the social and environmental impacts of unrestrained construction and development in areas with lacking social and economic infrastructure (Dodds & Graci, 2010 pg. 6-7).

As Jamaica struggles with weak regulatory structures, other economic impacts that...
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