Monica Ashley Case Study

Topics: Renewable energy, Wind power Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: April 7, 2013
What were the most critical changes in the marketplace and customer requirements that gave rise to “Project Wind”? -more renewable energy concerns
-generators that could support wind energy

Why do you think Monica was chosen to lead this project? What do you suppose were CEO Dorr’s reasons for recruiting Monica as project manager? -Her work ethic
-Detailed approach

What do you consider as the most important steps that Monica took, or failed to take, that resulted in her dismissal from the project? -She didn’t deal with Parker directly
-She relied too much of the chummy chummy with dorr
-She didn’t act like a top exec

What are the key lessons you can take from this situation about the challenge of driving change from the middle -Act the part- Be senior managers; that is, be quiet and circumspect and don’t engage in direct confrontation.’- dan -Data and relationships are the key to success

-act on bad behavior right away- use humor to difuse a situation -take a long term view instead of fighting every battle
-its ok to delegate- good balance btwn micro managing and delegating -monica should have slowed down and been objective
-‘Listen; Remove the Urgency; Trust
-make others look good so it looks good on you
-set a date to bring products in the market

Dan Stella
“I guess I must have given Dan fits because, in his eyes, I became unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable, and therefore potentially embarrassing. I guess that doesn’t help him look good when he wants to win the respect of the senior managers. I don’t want to embarrass him; I want to learn how to function in a better way.” – Monica

-monica should have let parker hang himself- get others to see there is a problem and let them approach management with the issue -monica viewed disagreement as dislike- not take it personally -monica should have asked what he expected from her from this project -monica should try to learn from stella and soak up...
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