Mkx9550 Past Exam

Topics: Marketing, Adoption, Product management Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: August 23, 2012
1. Marketing scholars have developed a “5 stages model” of the buying decision process. Using an example identify and discuss the five stages consumers pass through how these factors might be influenced in an international place. 2. “Risks” in buying and consuming a product. Discuss this statement making sure you identify at least four types of perceived risks and provide example of how they might be used in an international consumer context. 3. “Regardless of which type of segmentation scheme we use the key is adjusting the marketing program to recognize customer differences.” There are a number of bases for segmenting international market. Using an example, list and describe the four mentioned in your textbook, making sure you detail how these bases might to deploy in an international environment. 4. “The consumer adoption process is the mental steps through which an individual passes from first hearing about an innovation to final adoption.” a. Describe the five stages that adopters more through when adopting new products and services, giving example of how these might affect the introduction in an international market. b. Discuss the factors that might influence the readiness of international consumers to adopt a new product or service, giving examples of how these might take effect. 5. “Companies handle the organizational aspects of new product development in several ways, many companies assign responsibility for new product ideas to product managers.” Using examples, describe the new product development decision process. 6. “Companies do not usually set a single price, but rather than develop a pricing structure that reflects variations in its pricing strategy policy.” In relation to the above quotation, and using practical examples, discuss how the three possible price adaption strategies may be used in pricing products or services in international markets. 7. “Once a company decides to target a particular country, it must determine...
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