Shampoo Questionnaire

Pages: 6 (787 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Q.1) As we mentioned in introduction we want to find out the acceptance of our new herbal shampoo product. I would like to know weather you have used our herbal shampoo product (Ayur herbal shampoo with shikakai & triphala)

Yes No

( If Answer to Q1. is yes then proceed to Q2. else thank respondent & terminate interview )

Q.2) Have you used any herbal shampoo product before?

Yes No

( If yes then go for Q 4. Else go for Q 3. )

Q.3) Have you used any shampoo before this?

Yes No

Q.4) What pack size of shampoo are you preferred? ( Show Card A )

Small pack 100 ml 200 ml Other

Q.5) What is the difference between your previous shampoo & this shampoo? ( Show Card B )

This shampoo does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Fragrance of this shampoo is better than previous one.

It is more effective & suitable for my hair.

No Difference.

( 2 )

Q.6) Why you choose this product? ( Show Card C )

4. This is exactly the product I have always wanted.

3. This is the best available brand

2. Since, It was new I want to try it.

1. There is really no option.

Q.7) What are those features which attracts you more? ( Show Card D ) ( You Can choose more than one option )

Fragrance Effectiveness ( Silky hair & Dandruff control )

Ingredients Colour

Other ( Please Specify ) ______________________________________

Q.8) As we mentioned that our product makes hair soft work as a antidandruff & antiseptic. What do you think about it? ( Show Card E )

Yes, it really works as mentioned.

It makes hair soft but does not work as antidandruff.

It works as antidandruff but does not provide antidandruff effect.

No, it does not wok as mentioned.

Q.9) We would like to know your views about some of the key features of our products. ( Show Card F )

5 4 3 2 1 1) Very good fragrance __ __ __ __ __ Very bad fragrance

2) Very good effect on hair __ __ __ __ __ Very bad effect on hair

3) Very good Ingredients __ __ __ __ __ Very bad Ingredients

4) Very good colour __ __ __ __ __ Very bad colour

( 3 )

Q.10) a) Would you like to mention any likes/dislikes about our product?

Q.10) b) Any suggestions for better improvement of our product?

Q.11) If this particular brand is not available with the store where you usually make your Purchase, most probably what will be your response? ( Show Card G )

4. I will look at another store until I find the brand.

3. I will wait till this brand comes to my store.

2. I will look at one or two other stores & buy available one.

1. I will buy another brand from same store.

P1: It contains Shikakai which makes hair soft

P2: It contains Trifala which has antidandruff & antiseptic properties.

P3: Does not contain any harmful chemicals.

P4: It makes hair soft & also work as a antidandruff & antiseptic shampoo.

Q.12) Which...
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