Shampoo Questionnaire

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  • Published: March 3, 2011
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Q.1) As we mentioned in introduction we want to find out the acceptance of our new herbal shampoo product. I would like to know weather you have used our herbal shampoo product (Ayur herbal shampoo with shikakai & triphala)

Yes No

( If Answer to Q1. is yes then proceed to Q2. else thank respondent & terminate interview )

Q.2) Have you used any herbal shampoo product before?

Yes No

( If yes then go for Q 4. Else go for Q 3. )

Q.3) Have you used any shampoo before this?

Yes No

Q.4) What pack size of shampoo are you preferred? ( Show Card A )

Small pack 100 ml 200 ml Other

Q.5) What is the difference between your previous shampoo & this shampoo? ( Show Card B )

This shampoo does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Fragrance of this shampoo is better than previous one.

It is more effective & suitable for my hair.

No Difference.

( 2 )

Q.6) Why you choose this product? ( Show Card C )

4. This is exactly the product I have always wanted.

3. This is the best available brand

2. Since, It was new I want to try it.

1. There is really no option.

Q.7) What are those features which attracts you more? ( Show Card D ) ( You Can choose more than one option )

Fragrance Effectiveness ( Silky hair & Dandruff control )

Ingredients Colour

Other ( Please Specify ) ______________________________________

Q.8) As we mentioned that...
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