Mism 2301 Syllabus

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Course Syllabus (01)

Instructor: Dr. Adenekan (Nick) DedekeEmail: a.dedeke@neu.edu Office: Hayden 220 D Classroom: Dodge 430
Office Hrs: 3:00 - 4:30 PM MWClass Time/Days: 8:00-9:05 AM (MWTh) Phone: 617-373-5521

Catalog Description
The 21st Century enterprise runs on information. Business leaders must have ready access to timely, accurate and relevant information if they are to manage and compete effectively in the global economy. MISM 2301 addresses the central role of information management (IM) and information technology (IT) systems in enabling current business activities. To this end, the course explores how a wide range of enterprises around the world employ information management to operate, to manage and control, and to plan and innovate. The course is entirely case-driven, focusing on real business issues, analysis and problem solving, and out-of-the-box thinking in the creation of value for the enterprise through the effective application of IM and IT. Thus, rather than a focus on specific technical content or skills, MISM 2301 considers the application of IM and IT in running and managing a business and in infusing them with competitive advantage.

Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives

1. To identify business needs and the information needed to meet those needs. 2. To introduce the basic types of information systems applications and how they meet business needs. 3. To explore the components of an IT infrastructure and how they support the applications and business. 4. To explore the process of capturing information, making it available to the business where and when it is needed, and how the information should be structured and analyzed to support business decision-making. 5. To illustrate how information systems and business processes interact and how to deploy systems and processes together to achieve business goals. 6. To discuss ethical and legal issues which are related to information systems. 7. To expose the technical and business issues that are associated with the use of the Internet to support a business. 8. To explore security risks that are associated with the use of networks and to discuss technical and organizational ways to enhance security.

Required Texts:
Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon, Essentials of Management Information Systems, Custom Edition for Northeastern University, MISM 2301. Note that this volume is brand new and is not available second-hand or via such sources as Amazon.com. It must be purchased at the NEU Bookstore.

Grading Scale

|(A) 94-100 |(A-) 90– 124-133 | | | | | | |The Internet (I) | | | | |25 - Feb |20 |E-Commerce Systems | | | | | | |Reading L & L --> 124-133 | | | | |27 - Feb |21 |E-Commerce Systems | | | | | | |Harry’s PC Goes E-Commerce | | | | |28 - Feb |22 |E-Commerce Systems |Zappos Case |3ª | | | | |Zappos.com case |(Online Diagnostic Quiz) | | | | | |(Mar. 2 - 10, Spring Break. No classes.) | |...
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