1. Understand System Thinking and the Systemic Characteristics of Information Systems

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Case 4 Information Systems
Sarah Villa
BBA 340 Management Information Systems
Northern Arizona University

Understand System Thinking and the systemic characteristics of Information Systems Today, in order to run a successful business several different factors take a role to keep a well-organized and efficient business practice. Today, businesses develop and manage information systems and system thinking to help eliminate day to day issues that can occur. The concept of System thinking helps people understand the systems problems and help find a solution to those problems by finding out the root causes of the problem and considering all of them as a whole system. This helps improve a company’s understanding of planning systems (A. Bartra, 2010). Understanding System thinking helps businesses and systems run more efficiently. Studies have repeatedly found that Information systems and business strategy increase profit, productivity, sales growth, and reputation. These strategies have encouraged more and more businesses to turn to Information Systems to increase all these business factors. (Pinsonneault, 2011) Describe the procedures for developing and managing an information system, so the system furthers the strategic, marketing, financial or operational plans of a work group or an organization

In order to develop an appropriate information system to manage projects you need to take the proper steps to develop an efficient program. The first step is acquiring a system analysis which involves defining and understands the problem, developing alternative solutions and choosing the best solution. Next, designing a system, programming the system, testing the system, conversion, and last developing production and maintenance (Laudon, 2013). I work at a pest control company and we have a specific Information Technology program that we use to keep track of customers, their history, and their individual payments. Computer-aided design technologies are a...