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Why is the role of a data Steward considered to be innovative? Explain. The role of Data Steward is considered to be innovative because Data Steward establishes and maintains the quality of data entered into the operational system that feed the data warehouse. Whereas most companies put someone in charge of data only when something goes wrong. Many companies treat data quality as a “find-and-fix” effort that is done at the end of a project by an IT worker. Other companies try to maintain their data quality by having business users who use the data deal with the effort, while others simply wait to throw resources at improving the data when a major problem occurs. Data steward is considered to be innovative because by using the innovations in the data, they will create a data quality team requires gathering people with an unusual mix of business, technology and diplomatic skills. It is a non-traditional role that does not fit clearly within any functional area (it’s not technical, but needs to know technology , it’s not functional but needs business knowledge). Data Steward is innovative because it can help to hand in the work to someone who knows how to deal with the data technically and improve its quality and also help the company to address the data problem before they become serious problems that may effect on the business work. here data is taken as key component and data accuracy is emphasized so before putting the data into operational system it has been reviewed by the data analysts of each business unit and the errors are removed. What are the business benefits associated with the Data Steward’s program at Emerson? DATA STEWARD

Data stewards can help a company make significant gains in managing the data. Simply put, data stewards are people trained to exclusively handle the middle ground between IT and business – they are technically savvy individuals who understand the corporate goals for the department, division or enterprise. The role of...
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