Midterm Review

Topics: Electronic commerce, Internet, Marketing Pages: 4 (666 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Major technology trends in e-commerce
Mobile computing rivals PC platform
Internet broadband foundation becomes stronger in households
Apps create a new model for delivering software and services

E-commerce- Use of internet and web to transact business

What is least likely to decrease a consumers search costs?

Transaction cost- cost of participating in a market

2011, world's online population- 2 billion

Which type of e-commerce is distinguished by the type of technology used in the transaction rather than the market relationship?
Mobile commerce (M-commerce)
others are (B2C, C2C, B2B)

Interactivity in the content of e-commerce can be described as:
the enabling of 2-way communication between consumer and merchant

B2C is: expected to grow at double digit rates through 2012

B2C limitations: sophisticated skill set required to use internet and e-commerce systems, persistent global inequality limiting access, saturation and ceiling effects.
Non-limitation: retrenchment and consolidation of e-commerce into hands of large firms

B2B examples- e-distributors, e-procurement, private industrial examples (except e-tailer)

e-distributor primary revenue model = sales

B2B service provider can spread cost of expensive software system over many users achieving efficiencies, this is called scale economies

Over past few years, number of exchanges have diminished sharply

m-commerce key technologies: 3G/4G, wifi, Bluetooth

2011, estimated 500,000 wifi hotspots worldwide

lowering barriers to entry but expanding market = global reach

weakening powerful sales channels, shifting bargaining power to consumers = information density

strategy designed to compete with a narrow market or product segment = focus strategy

Basic technological foundation of internet
client/server computing
TCP/IP communications protocol
packet-switching hardware
(except Tracert measures transit delays of packet-switching)...
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