12 New Rules of B2B Product Launch

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Think of the expanding power of the internet. Consider the unique behavior of B2B buyers. Put them together for…

12 New Rules B2B Product Launch
by Dan Adams
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Why new rules? Why now? First, the internet is changing everything. Most B2B transactions now occur when the customer finds the supplier—not the other way around. If someone deep inside a prospect company can’t find you, your new product just lost to a competitor’s. Second, B2B marketers have been following the rules of B2C marketers for way too long. Compared to their consumers, our business customers are more insightful, rational, interested and fewer in number. Advantage B2B… but only if we follow new rules. Our rules. I worked inside large corporations for 29 years, mostly in marketing positions. It was great fun, but I believe the best is yet to come for B2B marketers. I hope you’ll find some new rules here that ignite your next product launch. Meet me at the end of this e-book for more ideas. Dan Adams AIM, Inc.

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Table of Contents

1 Be easy to find… when your prospect is ready 2 Link “early-stage” to “late-stage” marketing 3 Get inside their minds with positioning 4 Help prospects advance along buying cycle 5 Use engagement—not interruption—marketing 6 Customize for industry concentration & position 7 Build a keyword “cattle chute” 8 Use word of mouth to build buzz 9 Use powerful new online marketing tools 10 Integrate traditional media in your strategy 11 Make your sales force look like geniuses 12 Pull it all together in a launch plan Appendix: Training & Software from AIM

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12 New Rules of B2B Product Launch

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Rule 1

Be easy to find… when your prospect is ready
You’re about to launch a great new product and your job is to hunt down prospects and close some sales, right? Well, partly… but that’s so 20th century. In 80% of B2B transactions today, the customer finds the supplier—not the other way around.1 What does this mean to you? For starters, you must answer new questions:  What will prompt a Google search by prospects, and what search terms will they use?  How can you hold their interest? It’s hard to avoid a sales rep, but “good-bye” now sounds like a mouse-click.  Who are your real targets… among the many job functions typically involved in B2B buying decisions?  How do you meet prospects where they are?... Some just starting to explore… others comparing specifications.

B2B transactions today…

Supplier finds Customer Customer finds Supplier

The 12 new rules in this e-book will help you answer these questions and more. So happy hunting. And being hunted.

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-2For business decision makers. B2B Lead Generation Handbook, MarketingSherpa, 2008, p 99.


Rule 2

Link “early-stage” to “late-stage” marketing
When I’m asked to explain marketing, I break it down into early-stage marketing—when you find out what customers want—and late-stage marketing, when you promote your new product to them.

Launch the Right Product with the Right Message using the Right Media to the Right Prospects:

Right Product
Satisfies most important unmet market needs

Right Message
Presses customer hot buttons …in their own language

Right Media
Reaches prospects using the most effective venues

Right Prospects
Targets key decision makers & influencers within companies

Early-Stage Marketing...
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