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Elaine Lam
13 February 2013
Interpersonal Communication
Ch. 4 and 5 in Messages
Whether you may or may not be speaking using words, you are always communicating through your body language. Your body language, facial expressions and gestures are understood by others more than the words or message that you are actually telling. Moreover, when you communicate using words, there are metamessages that are conveyed in your tone of voice or the words you choose to emphasize and is the most common way to express yourself covertly which can lead to mixed messages and assumptions. Personal

When I’m mad at my boyfriend and he comes home, I don’t make eye contact. This says that I am not interested in him and do not even want to acknowledge his presence. When he asks “What’s wrong? Did you have a bad day?” I give the quick and simple response, “Nothing! I’m fine” while orienting my body position away from him. By doing this, my boyfriend knows that something is definitely not sitting right with me. Critical Reflective

In today’s society, we all have a need to express ourselves to others so it is very important to be able understand body language and what they mean in order for you to better understand those around you and to express yourself more clearly. Studying body language and metamessages can help determine underlying messages that are often not said directly with words for a variety of reasons. Creative

My newly gained knowledge about body language and metamessages will be very beneficial towards me as well as others as I practice in the nursing field. Patients often are embarrassed to say or talk about topics that are sensitive or very personal to them such as their health. By analyzing their non-verbal messages, we can help the patient have a better experience.
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