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Mentoring - for change process

Both individuals and organizations must grasp the essence of change and adapt to the process for survival in this rapidly changing environment .The people factor is critical for the success of any change management strategy, but most often ignored as a result of over emphasis on business needs which brings about a short term success. Human outlook to change is a concern, but it entails growth and new opportunities.The fear of unknown prevents individuals from adapting. Whole hearted engagement of individuals in a change process depends on the satisfaction, understanding, contribution, alignment and retention of individuals which can be achieved through rewards, recognitions, knowledge management, employee relations etc. Mentoring encourages an individual to adapt economically, psychologically and socially but the extent of adaptation depends on the person to be mentored. This article potrays the impact of incidence of change and the effect of mentoring on students . Introduction

Management is understood to be a process that unites a complicated system of resources and process optimally to produce organisational effectiveness. But the fast changing environment in which the organisation operates makes it inevitable to achieve organisational effectiveness with out pursuing change. Though change is a natural phenomenon, people do not easily adapt to it due to the fear of the unknown.Change can be successfully managed through Rank based change process where the decisions are made in a top down approach, Communicating the real informations focusing on the merits of the change, Peer based change process which accommodates individuals at all levels in deciding the change ,or indulge in a mentoring process which transforms the mindset on individuals subject to change. Successful change is about discovery and resistance, and attending to the needs of the people who are an integral element of the process. Predictable behaviors...
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