Peer Mentor

Topics: Drug addiction, Alcohol Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Peer Mentor Essay
I believe that I am qualified to be a peer mentor because I live by the saying “Abstain to Attain” everyday. As a young adult among so much peer pressure, it is hard not to cave in. I understand though, drugs, sex, and drinking alcohol isn’t worth it. I have too much to lose in life if I get pregnant at a young age, or if I become an alcoholic or a drug addict. My family is counting on me as well. I will be a first generation student and I will not let them down because I gave into peer pressure and went down the wrong path. As a personal decision, I decided to stay away from drugs, sex and alcohol because I observe what it does to people. Not only does their attitude change, but their entire demeanor, the way they dress, social activities and friends. Also, for me being a young African American female, there are so many statistics out on the type of person I may be already, statistics show that I will fail. I know for a fact I will not fail. I feel like I have all of my grown life to drink if I want to, so why waste my young life doing it when I could be doing something productive. Also I am a high believer of God and I know that he wants me to do the best and with all the good I do, I continue to be blessed. My body is my temple, and I don’t want to give it to just anyone. I know what I deserve and that is to wait until I am married. For these reasons, I continue to abstain. God and my family have been a major part in my commitment to abstinence. They guide me every day to make wise decisions and not give into peer pressure. To sum up, I am a qualified because I actually live through these goals. I know that last year when I was a peer mentor, I felt like I really helped kids learn and this year, I would like to do the same.
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