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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Project Management
MegaCity Software

What is the major problem facing MegaCity Software?
First of all, MegaCity Software is a « young » company which has developed MegaMine 2.0, a successful software which has enforced the company, taking in account it has known updates and extensions. Regarding its market and its internal organization, MegaCity Software is facing strategic, managerial, and development (meaning extension, growth) issue. Apparently, the company has financial resources to keep growing but deeply needs internal rethinking and new ways to assume its growth.

What are the symptoms of the problem?
The original (set-up) team: Susan and two classmates are confirmed technicians but they don’t have management skills. Because of this technician background, there is not internal strategy and business orientation. That’s why they need to externalize their business growth strategy to external strategic services This internal weakness is not the only one and the measures taken by Susan don’t seem to work. Indeed, we can observe lack of communication between the different groups inside the company and, we can take into consideration that the budget allocate for hiring appears to be insufficient in order to recruit fresh employees.

Provide your recommendations to Susan
The main problem that has to be solved his: time. The company needs more profiles in order to develop, recruit and take strategic decisions for the future. For that, I would advise to hire one Human Resources Manager (recruiter), who could then hire one Business Manager (working on strategic growth, new opportunities and commercial development). This Business Manager could be a strong communication link between development teams and the direction, as Susan.It will fix by the way the lack of communication between the different employees. Also, I would recommend using external services as complement of the Business Manager and not as a complete source. So Susan will save money...
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