Marketing Management Questionnaire Design

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Questionnaire Design

Which brand of shampoo do you use? - Taken from ‘Marketing Research’ by Dr. Naresh K. Malhotra • “Who” – Respondent uses personally or the brand used by the household? • “What” – If more than one brand of shampoo is used? Should the respondent mention most preferred brand or recently used brand or the brand used most often or the brand that comes to the mind first? • “When” – Does the researcher means last time, last week, last month? • “Where” – Although it implied that the shampoo is used at home, but it is not specified clearly.


Correct question would be: Which brand or brands of shampoo have you personally used at home during the last month? In case of more that one brand, please list all the brands that apply.

Do you think the distribution of soft drinks is adequate?
Do you (word ‘personally’ is not required here) think soft drinks are readily available when you want to buy them? • Use ordinary words. You should be even more careful while preparing questions for rural or sub-urban survey


In a typical month, how often do you shop in a departmental store? (a) Never (b) Occasionally (c) Sometimes (d) Often (e) Regularly

• Avoid using ambiguous words like above as well as ‘usually, normally, frequently etc. Instead use – (a) Less than once (b) 1 or 2 times (c) 3 or 4 times (d) 5 or 6 times (e) More than 6 times

Do you think Coca-Cola is a tasty and refreshing soft drink?

Avoid double barreled question • Do you think Coca-Cola is a tasty soft drink?

• Do you think Coca-Cola is a refreshing soft drink?


Check following while framing a question
• Does it mean what it intended? • Does it have any other meaning? • Does the context make the intended meaning clear? • Does the word have more than one pronunciation? • Is there any word with similar pronunciation that might be confused by this words? • Is a simpler word or phrase suggested?

What is a questionnaire?
• An instrument (form) to...
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