Hairdressing Level 1

Topics: Hair care, Shampoo, Massage Pages: 4 (1103 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Shampoo and condition
Client preparation and consultation Always greet your client, take their coat and prepare them with a gown and towel, remember to have a consultation before you proceed with any treatment. Consultation

With out a consultation you will not be able to tell what hair type your client has or if they have any contra-indications. Do a record card (it has a disclaimer on the back) the client must know what they are signing. Contra-indications = head lice, folliculitus, impetigo

Hair types
Fine, medium, thick
Hair condition
Dry, normal, greasy, dandruff affected
Choosing products
From checking your client’s hair you should now know what type of shampoo you are going to use and what type of conditioner if any. Types of shampoo types of conditioner Dry hair – coconut dry – coconut Normal – peach normal – p.h.balanced Greasy – lemon greasy – no conditioner Dandruff – medicated

Very dandruff affected (were there are dry scales) - coal tar After colours or perms – anti oxy conditioner Types of conditioner treatments Surface conditioner applied at the sink.

Penetrating conditioner applied with a bowl and brush, left on the hair for 10 minutes under a steamer. Scalp treatment oils applied to the scalp and massaged.
Massage techniques
A stroking movement which should be used to begin a d end a massage, a smoothing, soothing, stroking action, this soothes and stimulates nerves and relaxes tense muscles. Petrissage
A deeper, kneading movement used to break down adhesions or fatty congestions in the skin, it helps to get rid of waste products, this aids the flow of nutrients to the tissues of skin and...
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