French Braiding

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How to French Braid Hair
I. We all have hair, and we all wear it in different ways. Today I am going to teach you how to French Braid hair. A. Attention Getter: My daughters like to have their long and wild and all over the place. My oldest daughter is just lazy and doesn’t like to do anything with her hair. Every time she has it down it would always be in her face. So to keep her bangs and hair out of her face I would put her hair in a French braid.

B. So today I am going to tell you a little bit about the history of French braiding, along with the different kinds of braids, and how to start, and finish a braid.

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II. Preparation
A. Washing
1. Clean hair
a. shampoo your hair like normal
b. conditioning your hair with your normal conditioner
2. Drying
a. Put whatever kind of anti-frizz and heat protection on your damp hair if you desire

b. blow dry your hair till it is completely dry. This helps so hair does not stick to your fingers. B. Brushing
1. Brushes you can use
a. You can use whatever brush or comb you have lying around

2. No knots
a. brush your hair out so there is no knots anywhere in your hair b. make sure your hair is completely laying down flat
C. Materials
1. Brushes
a. brush or combs’
b. rat tail comb
2. Hair ties
a. Elastic see-through or whatever color your hair is
b. Thicker hair should use a thicker hair tie.
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III. Starting and tying off your braid
A. Second Step
1. Sectioning off hair
a. Where ever you are going to begin your braid you are going to begin. b. You will start off like a normal braid and section it into three pieces bringing the one farthest to the right over the piece in the middle then take the hair to left and bring it over 2. Bring up sections

a. with your rat tail comb take a chunk of hair from either left side of the hair and add it to the left...
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