Comparative Study of Marketing of Different Products of Various Pharmaceutical Companies

Topics: Marketing, Suggestion, Consumer Pages: 3 (414 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Questionnaire For Consumers :

Name ____________________________
Age ____________________________
Sex ____________________________
Address ____________________________

Q.    Are you aware of various products of various brands ?         (a) Yes     (b) No

Q.    Do you use OTC segment products of different brand?         (a) Yes     (b) No

Q.    Which brand you found reliable in OTC segment
        (a) Cipla     (b) Ranbaxy     (c) Ind-Swift     (d) Other

Q.    Do advertisement of a particular company's product makes any effect on you ?         (a) Yes     (b) No

Q.    Which source of advertisement attracts you most?
        (a) T.V. Ad's     (b) Hoardings     (c) News Paper     (d) Magazines

Q.    Commonly you will buy any medicine on prescription of :         (a) Your Doctor     (b) Suggested by some friends or relative     (c) Suggested by the Chemist         (d) Your family tested old one

Q.    What makes you to choose any product ?
        (a) Low Price (it may be sub-standard should not buy)         (b) Higher price (it is costly hence it should be best)         (c) Middle Range (At least it will do something)

Q.    Which brand you are satisfied with :
        (a) Cipla (b) Ranbaxy (c) Ind-Swift (d) Any Other

Q.    Tell you satisfaction level :
        (a) Cipla :  (i) Low (ii) Satisfactory (iii) Good (iv) Excellent         (b) Ranbaxy : (i) Low (ii) Satisfactory (iii) Good (iv) Excellent         (c) Ind-Swift : (i) Low (ii) Satisfactory (iii) Good (iv) Excellent -------------------------------------------------

        (d) Any sort of quality improvement that you want in brand, suggest.

Questionnaire For Dealers :

Name ____________________________
Age ____________________________
Sex ____________________________
Address ____________________________

Q.    In which brand you deal in :
        (a) Cipla     (b) Ranbaxy     (c) Ind-Swift     (d) All of the above.

Q.    Which brand has maximum OTC sale at your...
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