Managing Employees in Their Twenties

Topics: Management, Want, Harvard Business School Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Guillaume Lacour
Article Review 2
In a company, for different reasons we do not manage younger employees in the same way that we manage employees, which are in the company for several years. In an article from the Harvard Business Review, Michael Fertik has told us some good ways to teach and motivate employees in their twenties. The first step could be to give responsibility to young employees through a specific mission immediately. In that way the employee will to make decision, and if he does not know how to do it, he will figure out a way. Most of the time, young employees can be tempted to ask question that they can solve themselves. They will improve only if they learn to solve those questions by themselves. When young employees are doing good job, it is a good thing to reward them publicly. It is also important to communicate and ask question to young employees. For example if we ask them “what is the dumbest thing we are working on,” we can realize that something we are working on is a waste of money for the company. But in the other hand, if we take time to explain why we are working on certain things, employees can realize that it is not that dumb and that it can be useful for the business. It appears that young employees are shy and need to feel more comfortable with older employees. This is why it is important to encourage interaction between all employees. In that way future collaboration between employees will be more efficient. We also realize that young employees will be more concerned if the company set short-term goals. It is important to adapt its management to the new generation. In that way you make your employees more productive. As far as I am concerned, employees in their twenties do not have the same experience and self-confidence than older workers it is why managers have to adapt their management to the young workers. We also have to keep in mind that each generation is different from the previous one. It means that communication...
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