Individual Behavior

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  • Published : January 11, 2011
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Individual behavior differs from person to person and most differences are based on the background of the individual. Some elements that can affect ones background to influence their individual behavior can include religion, age, occupation, values and attitude differences, gender, and even ethnicity. These individual behaviors can cause people to act differently to situations and can create friction or even chemistry in the work place.

The age of a person can be a large factor in the way they behave. There are studies that prove maturity can come at different ages but in most cases maturity is something that is learned and grown into. Age in a work place can work against someone or for them. A young age can be a downfall if there is lack of maturity and experience and old age can be a downfall due to lack of energy or knowledge of new technologies. With that being said I think that it is important that age should not be the deciding factor as to how someone will act. There are many young people who have the maturity to carry many responsibilities and show good individual behavior. Some older individuals have adapted their behavior to fit more suitable into the technologies that have developed over the past few years. More and more people are on Facebook ( than ever, and it is common to see individuals of all ages on the popular website. You can also find with age individuals depending on their age will have their priorities in different orders.

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The occupation of a person can also attribute to their individual behavior. For example say there is an individual who works in the public eye like a Senator or Congressman, they are going to be more careful for the things that they say and do because they will not wish the media to catch wind and bring them in a negative media down pour about the situation. When you work in the lime light you have to be cautious about your wording and your actions. There...
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