No Woman No Cry Spnish American Culture

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Gender, Woman Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: March 14, 2013
When it comes to the workplace and the differences between manager and their employee may be a little tense or frustrating at times. There are several factors that can make a relationship between manager and employee strained One of those can be the new world of technology. Communicating Younger people grow up in High tech environment cell phones, beepers and email. For example if a younger person wanted to get a message to a fellow employee they would send them a email or text opposed to a much older person who would probably call them on their extension or ask the person next to their office to reach them. A much younger person managing or mentoring someone older than them can also be difficult at times. An older person taking orders from someone the same age as a child can be a tough pill to swallow and both manager and employee may find it difficult to work with each other.

In today’s world we have advanced so much when it comes to technology. John's Observation of replacing networks is instead of using paper we can now use the internet or web. Several factors are causing this change for example cutting back on paper and sending emails. Gas prices have increased drastically over the years people weren’t concerned about gas like they are today. Over the past few years companies have launched a new way of working at home. The advancement of technology gives us the advantage to work from the luxury of our home to avoid gas prices.

According to Chapter 6 on friendship, what is the main distinguishing factor between male-male friendship and female-female friendship? Friendship have changed over time between men and woman and what the friendship involves. When men develop and friendship it usually has to do with issue, activity or function. For example to belong or get accepted into something like a club or game is important when developing a friendship with another male. Male friendship is not as intimate as female friendship. When you are analyzing...
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