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1.We have covered a lot of material over the past two months. The final examination will consist of 10 short answer questions and 2 case study questions. The 10 short answer questions are similar in structure to short answer questions provided in the quizzes. Ensure you thoroughly read the case study provided with your final before answering the two case study questions. The exam counts towards 30% of your final grade and one cannot pass the course without completing the proctored exam. The examination is a closed resource examination; consequently, no books or notes will be allowed. You will have two hours to complete the examination. The final examination is comprehensive. It includes material in Chapters 1 - 20.

2.By providing this review, I hope to channel your preparation and study for the final examination to key areas concerning principles of management, but remember you are responsible for all the information covered since the beginning of class. One should ensure a comprehensive knowledge of the Core Learning Objectives, delineated in each Weeks Overview, Objectives and Weekly Activities, sub section "The Objectives" and denoted by a light blue box with a black key in it. Key areas include the following:

Know and briefly describe the five basic management functions. Planning – deciding what objectives to pursue during a future period and what to do to achieve those objectives. Organizing – grouping activities, assigning activities, and providing the authority necessary to carry out the activities Staffing – determining human resource needs and recruiting, selecting, training, and developing human resources Leading – directing and channeling human behavior toward the accomplishment of objectives Controlling – measuring performance against objectives, determining causes of deviations, and taking corrective action where necessary Define "management" and explain the managerial significance of "effectiveness" and "efficiency". Management is a form of work that involves coordinating an organization’s resources – land, labor, and capital – to accomplish organizational objectives. Also known as getting things done through people

List five methods that can used to train or develop employees. OJT – a trainee is shown how to perform the job and allowed to do it under the trainer’s supervision Job Rotation – also called cross-training, employee learns several different jobs within a work unit or department and performs each job for a specific period Vestibule – procedures and equipment similar to those used in the actual job are set up in a special working area called a vestibule. Classroom – most familiar method of training, methods are lecture, discussion, audiovisual methods, experiential methods, and computer based training. Computer-assisted – allows the employee to absorb information from a preset computer program and advance their knowledge in a self-paced format

Understand and briefly describe effective management communication skills. Managers must give direction to the people who work for them – employees often perform their jobs poorly b/c they do not understand what is expected of them. Managers must be able to motivate people – ability to communicate to get employees excited about their jobs Managers must be able to convince customers that they should do business with them Managers must be able to absorb the ideas of others – must be able to understand and accept other people’s viewpoints Managers must be able to persuade other people -

Describe four social responsibilities.
Philanthropy and volunteerism – efforts to improved human welfare, time and money to charitable, cultural, and civic organizations Environmental Awareness – limiting the damage their operations cause to the environment Sensitivity to Diversity – Maintain an ethnically diverse workforce Quality of Work Life – Adopting policies that contribute to the quality of life for their employees, such as flex hours, on-site...
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