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Topics: Manchester United F.C., Leeds United A.F.C., 2006–07 FA Premier League Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Bennett Nicholls
Tute 4 (Wk 8/9) Case 6 - Manchester United Case (p.572-590). 1. What should Gill’s strategic priorities be for Manchester United? In particular, should the primary focus be on financial performance or team performance? There is a direct correlation between team performance and financial health and growth as a brand. The primary focus needs to be the team success, without this there is no financial standing, the brand would simply wither. Having said that the priority is the team success built in order to maintain success, there needs to be ongoing investment in the high performance facilities and coaching and admin staff. The key strategy can be developed by assessing the environment that Man U operate in. There is no other sporting brand as big, particularly in Asia. So why not invest heavily in this area. It’s generally cheap to develop in China and Korea so it might be worthwhile setting up satellite training facilities to develop future talent. The main point is to continue developing the strength of the brand.. That is to win football matches and do so in a high profile and well-resourced manner. 2. In terms of team capabilities, why has Manchester United been so successful on the pitch during the 14 years up to 2009? What role has Ferguson’s leadership played in this success? It’s the science of marginal gains. Man U, have been lead by a very smart operator that has focused on fine-tuning every detail of the operation. On the pitch, Alex has demanded every player operate at there capacity of skill and commitment. The small details only become important when the base elements are built with a solid foundation. Man U has built a very solid foundation that seams easy to put the cream on the top. It really is quite the opposite. The hardest part to get right is the last 5% as everyone is focusing on making the same marginal gains. When referencing their capabilities and why they have been successful, its clear that they are...
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