Analyse of the Situation of Manchester United

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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4G – Corporate Strategy

Assignment 2


Please, read the Manchester United Case carefully, then, answer the questions using the template provided.


* Individual based
* Font: Times New Roman, 12, single space
* Max 4 pages (See below)
* Page 1 (list of stakeholders)
* Page 2 (Stakeholder mapping : actual situation from the case) * Page 3 (Stakeholder mapping: preferred situation)
* Page 4 (Justify the “preferred” mapping)

Name of the student: Sarah Laurent
Class: 4G13

Question 1: Please, list all the stakeholders of Manchester United, and sort them on, based on pertinent criteria -------------------------------------------------

* -------------------------------------------------
Stakeholders from economic environment
* -------------------------------------------------
Commercial partners: they manufacture derivates products like football shoes and jersey. They are very involved in the success of the team because of this success depends on their income. -------------------------------------------------

* -------------------------------------------------
Competitors from other football clubs.They have an interest in Manchester United lose match. -------------------------------------------------

* -------------------------------------------------
Sponsors: thy gain popularity when Manchester united win matches

* -------------------------------------------------
Médias : Thanks to the success of football and major clubs such as Manchester United, the media generate the ratings * -------------------------------------------------
Outlets: Some popular clubs Manchester United is a partner of Nike who owns boutiques and markets products of the club. Therefore, the success of the club generates profit for Nike. * -------------------------------------------------

Stakeholders from legal environment
* association or a charitable organization : The club boosts its profile by participating in charitable works

* -------------------------------------------------
Stakeholders from sociological environment
* -------------------------------------------------
Fans : The fans have an opinion very important because they are carrying a positive or negative image of Manchester United * -------------------------------------------------
Government : they support they national team even financially * -------------------------------------------------
Players : they are part of the team so they are directly affected by its reputation, its success or failure * Football organizations: they manage large national or international event for football * -------------------------------------------------

Managing staff : they strongly influence the motivation of players -------------------------------------------------

* -------------------------------------------------
Stakeholders from financial environment
* -------------------------------------------------
Board of directors: they manage all the important financial decisions and they decide to team strategy without paying attention to the sport aspect. * -------------------------------------------------

Shareholders: They often invest lots of money and therefore pay attention to the reputation of the club to control their return on investment. * -------------------------------------------------

Bank and insurance : they invest money in Manchester United club -------------------------------------------------







Question 2: Please, fill out the stakeholder map of Manchester...
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